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blinkvideo - research of video art, performance and multimedia installations.

blinkvideo - research of video art, performance and multimedia installations.

Moving Images / Moving Bodies
Online screening programme in cooperation
with the Goethe-Institut Bulgaria

Curated by Ludwig Seyfarth

Research into the human body and interpersonal relationships remain central themes in video and moving image art. Artists from Bulgaria and Germany, whose work is related in content, will be shown in pairs over the next weeks. The exhibition planned for November 2020 in Sofia has been postponed until 2021. Instead, a consecutive presentation of selected films by artists from Moving Bodies/Moving Images is presented on blinkvideo.
image: © Elitsa Dimitrova

Shooting Ghosts
Online screening programme in cooperation
with the Goethe-Institut Bulgaria

Curators: Kalin Serapionov, Krassimir Terziev

What we propose in this programme is a highly subjective and fragmented view on current practices in moving image in the Bulgarian art scene. We focused on practices that show affinity with speculative narratives - narratives that not just record what is in front of the cinematic eye, but also capture all the ghosts that are unreachable by the apparatus, thus projecting speculative views that intend not merely to describe, but to transform the world.
image: © Veneta Androva

Moving Images / Moving Bodies

 ‘Moving Images Bulgaria-Germany’ is a project by Goethe-Institut Bulgaria, that includes various online and offline initiatives, starting in November 2020. The online program, realised in partnership with blinkvideo, will consist of two curated programmes: “Moving Images / Moving Bodies”, curated by Ludwig Seyfarth, and “Shooting Ghosts”, curated by Krassimir Terziev and Kalin Serapionov.

First the programme “Shooting Ghosts” will give a selected overview of video art in Bulgaria in general. The programme will be accompanied by an in-depth essay by Krassimir Terziev as well as texts by different authors or the artists themselves on individual films.

Critics’ Pick: Vienna by Nicole Büsing + Heiko Klaas

The group show “Antarctica. An Exhibition on Alienation” was presented in Vienna during the past winter season. Departing from a note written by the Italian cult director Michelangelo Antonioni referring to a potential glacier melting in the Antarctica and a hint to a film, the two curators from the Kunsthalle Wien, Vanessa Joan Müller and Nicolaus Schafhausen, conceived an exhibition on the topic of alienation and contemporary art. The focus was on the latest contemporary photography and video art by the younger generation of artists.
Image: © Isabella Fürnkäs

UNSTILLED LIFE: Artist Animations 1980-2020
Curated by Emma Cousin and Paul Carey-Kent

Why this show, here and now? British artist-curator Emma Cousin and writer-curator Paul Carey-Kent recently pulled together a choice of artist animations, thinking that the increasingly vibrant medium is especially suited to the online emphasis of the locked down art world of 2020. Three of them turned out to be represented by Ron Mandos, making the Amsterdam gallery ideal hosts. The cast is international, and to reflect that Tintype gallery in London and Hamburg’s blinkvideo have joined in with variations on the programme. 
Markus Vater Worlds don’t come easy, 2020

Something Between Us

The exhibition „Something Between Us“ focuses on both our contemporary lives and the anthropological constants of interpersonal dealings: love, empathy, security, care and safety on the one hand, and hate, role fixation, dependency, reprimand and exclusion on the other. Something Between Us asks how these structures of togetherness are changing in our digital era.
Thomas Taube OCCIDENT, 2020


In optics, “refraction” refers to the bending of a beam of light, a change in direction which occurs at the moment when it passes from one medium to another. Through refraction, the light wave alters course, changing the way we perceive the objects it illuminates in the process. This optical deviation requires us to repeatedly correct our gaze, comparing the beginning and end points of our perception with reality, and bringing the object we see clearly into focus. In its figurative sense, refraction refers to a critical reflection on the means and channels of visualization, and by extension the possibility of a rearticulation of our view of things – how they are, were, or apparently always have been.
Image: © Sohrab Hura

NEW: Favorites curated by blinkvideo users

What do you like? Over the next few months, we will be showing here selections of works, compiled by you, as a blinkvideo user.

Stefano Miraglia: Hey Blinkvideo members! Here are my eight "must watch" films and videos. Happy to find in this catalogue some of the works that got me interested in artists' moving image when I was a student! (Guillaume Leblon! Daniel Steegmann Mangrané! Marylène Negro!).

Expanding Bauhaus.
New Reflections on the Bauhaus Movement in Time-Based Media Art / Goethe Institute Netherlands

A screening series selected by Elke Kania (Cologne), Julia Sökeland (Hamburg) and Ludwig Seyfarth (Berlin)

With its combination of various arts such as painting, photography film, architecture, fashion, product and interior design and textile art, the Bauhaus is still considered the epitome of a technologically advanced modernity. Last but not least, the attempt to create the whole society aesthetically, inspired many artists worldwide.
Image: © Adnan Softic

Johan Grimonprez

Johan Grimonprez’s critically acclaimed work dances on the borders of practice and theory, art and cinema, documentary and fiction, demanding a double take on the part of the viewer. Informed by an archeology of present-day media, his work seeks out the tension between the intimate and the bigger picture of globalization. It questions our contemporary sublime, one framed by a fear industry that has infected political and social dialogue. By suggesting new narratives through which to tell a story, his work emphasizes a multiplicity of realities.
image: © Johan Griminprez

Christoph Faulhaber: Revolution & Architecture

With "Revolution & Architecture" Christoph Faulhaber (* 1972 in Osnabrück, lives in Hamburg) conceives, builds, designs and opens a whole series of very different rooms in the Kunsthalle Osnabrück. In order to discover the revolutionary aspect of these "architectures", one has to look at the social implications of interior design in general. In the forum the visitor then enters Faulhaber's cinematic autobiography "Every Picture is an Empty Picture" as in the eye of the cyclone: The work is split into 15 individual films and surrounds the visitor in a circle.
Image: © Christoph Faulhaber

Stiftung imai – inter media art institute

The Düsseldorf based foundation imai – inter media art institute was founded in 2006 in order to establish an institution in Germany dedicated to the distribution and preservation of media art and associated activities.
Image: © Marcel Odenbach

Featured videos

Markus Vater
Im Wald (perfect day), 2011

This Animation has developed from a colloboration with the dutch poet Tjitske Jansen. Initially it reacted on a text of hers dealing with memories in her life. All memories were about events in which she didn’t understand the concepts and actions that had happened, but which she understands now.

Pratchaya Phinthong
A proposal to set (work in progress), 2016

A proposal to set CH4*5.75H20 on fire (work in progress) is an ongoing project that explores methane hydrate, an ice compound that has been identified by scientists as an alternative fuel of future energy. Found in large quantities beneath Arctic permafrost, Antarctic ice and sedimentary deposits, methane hydrate releases natural gas when exposed to increases in temperature or decreases in pressure.Gas released by methane hydrates can be lit, which produces a semi-transparent orange and blue flame.This 16 mm film shows samples of methane hydrates.Through the mobilisation and connection of individuals working across geology, science and art, the project generates awareness of methane hydrate, its chemically volatile nature and implications for energy industries.The film itself performs a kind of material transfer, capturing light emitted by the burning samples and projecting it into the gallery space. For Phinthong, each iteration of the project is a form of extraction that makes its subject more widely visible. Filmed by Phuttipong Aroonpheng. Made with the support of Oleg Blouson,Andrey Khabuev and Oleg Khlystov at the Limnological Institute, Irkutsk, Russia.

Ryan Gander
And You Will be Changed , 2014

'And You Will be Changed (Centre Pompidou, Paris)', 2014, follows curator Emma Lavigne around the empty Centre Pompidou in Paris as she presents the viewer with a tour of an empty space that had housed a now uninstalled Pierre Huyghe exhibition. The show is imagined and told by Lavigne as if the artworks were still there. Exhibited: - Pierre Huyghe +/–,The Artist’s Institute, New York, 2014
- Nouveau Festival (5th Edition), Musée d’Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2014

Deimantas Narkevicius
Ausgeträumt, 2010

The German word ‘Ausgeträumt’ means a state between dream and reality at the point of waking up.The very first creative attempts by any artist are usually very positive, unaffected by criticism, even naive activities. Refering to myself, I had to be absolutely naive to choose to be a visual artist, in the late 80's when in the Soviet Union, everything was falling apart. There was no precedent of success, or an example to follow in the country which was still isolated. With this film I am re-approaching the state of naivety.

Katja Aufleger

Several lights get shot successively. Some crush at once, quiet or with a blast, others seem like trying not to die.

Janet Biggs
Vanishing point, 2009

Luzia Hürzeler
Being in the Picture, 2007/08

Im Bilde sein [Being in the Picture] is a video installation. The monitor stands on a two-meter-high plinth. The video shows a white wall in front of which my head becomes visible, fully or partially, at short or long intervals. I keep jumping up into the picture, making myself visible through physical activity. These efforts become apparent through the sounds. The jumping height, and thus my visibility, decreases over time, until I finally give up through exhaustion.On the occasion of the exhibition “Spazi aperti” this work was displayed in the entrance hall of the Romanian Academy in Rome, where a number of monumental busts are mounted on plinths.

Johanna Reich
Horizon, 2012

The artist is drawing a line onto a white surface. The line reveals the horizon: it separates the sea from the sky. "To draw a line": this phrase already linguistically contains many different meanings. Beginning with the famous line – the one that cannot be crossed politically – via the (guide)line that is also the conceptual standard, to the simple strike placed beneath an addition, these are key points on the spectrum.“When Johanna Reich draws a line with a broad brush onto a wall, additional content comes into play. There is the track which children draw onto the wall with chalk, the traditional artist myth of the line as a vivid track of creative process, and last but not least the powerfully picturesque action of splattering the wall.”(Johannes Stahl)Johanna Reich (*1977 Minden) studied at the Kunstakademie Münster, the HfbK Hamburg and the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln. She lives and works in Cologne.

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blinkvideo mediaart
blinkvideo is a website for the research of video art. Founders: Julia Sökeland, Anita Beckers. blinkvideo ist eine Plattform zur Recherche nach Videokunst

Adnan Softic



for further information contact blinkvideo

Phone: +49 40 22748986


Born 1975 inSarajevo, Bosnien und Herzegowina
Lives in Hamburg


2007 Postgraduate studies at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg
2004 Diploma at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg
1998 Philosophie and Politologie at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
1995 Preparatory course at the university of Hamburg, Volkswirtschafstlehre
1992 Fachgymnasium for Chemistry in Sarajevo, Fachabitur

Exhibitions, screenings (selection)

Schauspielhaus Hamburg
Galerie Matthais Güntner, Hamburg
Holger Pries Galerie, Hamburg
El Kino, Golem, Hamburg

Pulse, Miami
La Prefécture, Marseille
Marstall, Ahrensburg
Schloss Kalsdorf/Ilz bei Graz
Friese, Hamburg
Galerie 59 Rivoli, Paris

Perla Moda. Zürich
(e)merge art fair, Washington, DC
Galerie Genscher, Hamburg
„Culture Unplugged“, Maharashtra, India

Media City Festival, Windsor, Ontario
Filmclub, Riga
Moviemento, Linz
Kulturhuset, Stockholm
Goethe-Institut, Stockholm
Kinemathek, Karlsruhe
Kulturzentrum Wassermühle, Trittau
Filmpalette, Köln
Werksattkino München
creACTive, Skopje
Kampnagel, Hamburg

KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
Kinemathek, Tel Aviv
International Short Film Festival Hamburg
CinéMayence, Institut Français, Mainz
Sarajevo Film Festival
Festcurtasbh, Belo Horizonte

KunstFilmBienalle, Köln
Hedah Centre of Contemporary Art, Maastricht
Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Wien
Kunsthaus, Hamburg

Paul Klee Zentrum, Bern, Schweiz
Sies + Höke Galerie, Düsseldorf
Hebbel Theater, Berlin
Kampnagel, Hamburg
Kunsthaus, Hamburg

K3 Galerie, Zürich
Filmski Front, Novi Sad

Museum of Modern Art, La Tertulia
Museo De Arte Moderno, Quito
Kunstverein, Braunschweig
National Theater Sarajevo

Kunstmuseum, Luzern
FAMU, Prag
Hebbel Theater, Berlin

Premiers Plans Festival, Angers
Festival of East European Cinema, Cottbus!
Festival of alternative theater, Leipzig
Forum Freies Theater, Düsseldorf
Stubnitz, Hamburg
Kampnagel, Hamburg

International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
Münchner Filmwochen
Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg
Westwerk, Hamburg
Schauspielhaus, Frankfurt
Volksbühne, Berlin

Projects (selection)

„New Hamburg” – Curator and author of an urban project
„Hofkinder” – Spielfilm, ca. 70 Min. (in Vorbereitung)
2013„Wie Schnee von gestern“ – Film, 10 Min.
„On Site” – Fotografie
„Schnee von gestern“ – Installation
„Alles wegen Gesundheit“ - Lecture Performance
„Ground Control“ – Film, Video, 13 Min.
“Palestine will be Free!” – Videoinstallation
“Unding, zeige dich! 1 + 2” – Audio- & Videoinstallation
“Repräsentation” – Audio / Video Perfomance
„Luk - Onion - Zwiebel” – Film, Super 16 mm / Video, 60 Min.
„Retour au desert“ (Rückkehr in die Wüste) von B.M. Koltés – Video in Theater
“Turbo(v)folk” – Installation mit Stef Heidhues, Christof Rothmeyer und Malte Urbschat
“Nema problema / Es gibt kein Problem” – Film, 16 mm, Video, 18 Min.
“Autoput” – Performance
“Festes Gewebe oder der Körper ist mein Tempel” – Film, Super 8 mm, 6 Min.
“So und so” – Videofilm, 10 Min.
Musik für Theater:
“Leidenschaften und Ungeziefer” – Ulrich Bräker / Barbara Weber
“Der grüne Kakadu” – Arthur Schnitzler / Angela Richter
“Endspiel” – Samual Beckett / Branko Šimić
“Blut am Hals der Katze” – Rainer Werner Fassbinder / Anina La Roche
“LOMA” – Musik

Awards and scholarships (selection)

2014-2015 Quartierskünstler, Hamburg Veddel
2013 Neue Kunst in Hamburg, Reisestipendium nach Skopje, Sarajevo, Athen
2012 Stipendium der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Zürcher Bildhauer, Zürich
2010-2011 Jahresstipendium in der Wassermühle in Trittau - Kulturstiftung Stormarn
2008-2009 Hamburger Arbeitsstipendium für Bildende Kunst
2007 Forschungsstipendium & Residenz in der Sommerakademie Paul Klee Zentrum, Bern
2006-2008 Stipendium zur Förderung des künstlerischen Nachwuchses
2005 Dietze Preis für das beste Diplom
2004 DAAD Diplompreis
2003-2004 Leistungsstipendium


2014 „Eine bessere Geschichte“ (AT) - Buch (in Vorbereitung)
2013 „On Site” - Katalog, Textem Verlag
2011 „Posttraumatische Unterhaltung / Posttraumatic Entertainment“ – Katalog. Revolver Verlag
2009 „Lettre de Sarajevo“ – Trafic Nr. 72, Zeitschrift für Filmtheorie, Paris
2008 „Subtitles“ – Katalog

Adnan Softic
Born 1975 inSarajevo, Bosnien und HerzegowinaLives in HamburgEducation2007 Postgraduate studies at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg2004 Diploma at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg1998 Philosophie and Politologie at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin1995 Preparatory course at the university of Hamburg, Volkswirtschafstlehre1992 Fachgymnasium for Chemistry in Sarajevo, FachabiturExhibitions, screenings (selection)2014Schauspielhaus HamburgGalerie Matthais Güntner, HamburgHolger Pries Galerie, HamburgEl Kino, Golem, Hamburg2013Pulse, MiamiLa Prefécture, MarseilleMarstall, AhrensburgSchloss Kalsdorf/Ilz bei GrazFriese, HamburgGalerie 59 Rivoli, Paris2012Perla Moda. Zürich(e)merge art fair, Washington, DCGalerie Genscher, Hamburg„Culture Unplugged“, Maharashtra, India2011Media City Festival, Windsor, OntarioFilmclub, RigaMoviemento, LinzKulturhuset, StockholmGoethe-Institut, StockholmKinemathek, KarlsruheKulturzentrum Wassermühle, TrittauFilmpalette, KölnWerksattkino MünchencreACTive, SkopjeKampnagel, Hamburg2010KW Institute for Contemporary Art, BerlinInternational Short Film Festival Oberhausen3satKinemathek, Tel AvivInternational Short Film Festival HamburgCinéMayence, Institut Français, MainzSarajevo Film FestivalFestcurtasbh, Belo Horizonte2009KunstFilmBienalle, KölnHedah Centre of Contemporary Art, MaastrichtKunsthalle Exnergasse, WienKunsthaus, Hamburg2007Paul Klee Zentrum, Bern, SchweizSies + Höke Galerie, DüsseldorfHebbel Theater, BerlinKampnagel, HamburgKunsthaus, Hamburg2006K3 Galerie, ZürichFilmski Front, Novi Sad2005Museum of Modern Art, La TertuliaMuseo De Arte Moderno, QuitoKunstverein, BraunschweigNational Theater Sarajevo2004Kunstmuseum, LuzernFAMU, PragHebbel Theater, Berlin2003Premiers Plans Festival, AngersFestival of East European Cinema, Cottbus!Festival of alternative theater, LeipzigForum Freies Theater, DüsseldorfStubnitz, HamburgKampnagel, Hamburg2002International Short Film Festival OberhausenMünchner FilmwochenGolden Pudel Club, HamburgWestwerk, HamburgSchauspielhaus, FrankfurtVolksbühne, BerlinProjects (selection)2014„New Hamburg” – Curator and author of an urban project„Hofkinder” – Spielfilm, ca. 70 Min. (in Vorbereitung)2013„Wie Schnee von gestern“ – Film, 10 Min.„On Site” – Fotografie2011„Schnee von gestern“ – Installation„Alles wegen Gesundheit“ - Lecture Performance2009„Ground Control“ – Film, Video, 13 Min.“Palestine will be Free!” – Videoinstallation2007“Unding, zeige dich! 1 + 2” – Audio- & Videoinstallation“Repräsentation” – Audio / Video Perfomance„Luk - Onion - Zwiebel” – Film, Super 16 mm / Video, 60 Min.2005„Retour au desert“ (Rückkehr in die Wüste) von B.M. Koltés – Video in Theater2004“Turbo(v)folk” – Installation mit Stef Heidhues, Christof Rothmeyer und Malte Urbschat2002“Nema problema / Es gibt kein Problem” – Film, 16 mm, Video, 18 Min.2001-2007“Autoput” – Performance1999“Festes Gewebe oder der Körper ist mein Tempel” – Film, Super 8 mm, 6 Min.“So und so” – Videofilm, 10 Min.1998-2000Musik für Theater:“Leidenschaften und Ungeziefer” – Ulrich Bräker / Barbara Weber“Der grüne Kakadu” – Arthur Schnitzler / Angela Richter“Endspiel” – Samual Beckett / Branko Šimić“Blut am Hals der Katze” – Rainer Werner Fassbinder / Anina La Roche1995-2008“LOMA” – MusikAwards and scholarships (selection)2014-2015 Quartierskünstler, Hamburg Veddel2013 Neue Kunst in Hamburg, Reisestipendium nach Skopje, Sarajevo, Athen2012 Stipendium der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Zürcher Bildhauer, Zürich2010-2011 Jahresstipendium in der Wassermühle in Trittau - Kulturstiftung Stormarn2008-2009 Hamburger Arbeitsstipendium für Bildende Kunst2007 Forschungsstipendium & Residenz in der Sommerakademie Paul Klee Zentrum, Bern2006-2008 Stipendium zur Förderung des künstlerischen Nachwuchses2005 Dietze Preis für das beste Diplom2004 DAAD Diplompreis2003-2004 LeistungsstipendiumPublikationen2014 „Eine bessere Geschichte“ (AT) - Buch (in Vorbereitung)2013 „On Site” - Katalog, Textem Verlag2011 „Posttraumatische Unterhaltung / Posttraumatic Entertainment“ – Katalog. Revolver Verlag2009 „Lettre de Sarajevo“ – Trafic Nr. 72, Zeitschrift für Filmtheorie, Paris2008 „Subtitles“ – Katalog

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